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Family Law During a Pandemic and Beyond!

Family Law’s “New Normal”

This article was originally published by the LBA Bar Briefs May 2020

Where do we go from here? Now that all of the children are growing up? How do we spend our time? Knowing nobody gives us a damn.

By the time this went to print, and you read it, my hope was we would all be back to court trying to outwit each other as we are paid to do. Alas, my hopes were dashed faster than you can say “2021? I can’t get a hearing on this until 2021?” when I received yet another court closure notice, this one through May 31, 2020.

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Oh Boy, J.Lo Has Inserted Herself Into A-Rod’s Custody Battle With His Ex

I represented a person in an EPO and a divorce case. The person had their lover come to court with them and sat together intertwined on the benches in the courtroom prior to our heairng. The person (my client) was still very married. I separated them. Always, always a bad look.

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Oh Boy, J.Lo Has Inserted Herself Into A-Rod’s Custody Battle With His Ex

Jennifer Lopez is butting into Alex Rodriguez’s custody battle with his ex-wife, Cynthia Rodriguez, and has a strong opinion over how much he should pay in child support.

Static Cling or How Has Support Changed with the Times?

Despite statistics showing major shifts in family trends over at least the last ten years that depict women as breadwinners and a slight uptick in stay at home dads and parenting schedules that are approximately equal, the child support statutes, known collectively as KRS 403.210 et seq., have changed only slightly over the last few decades. The child support guidelines, which provide an assumed amount of support an obligor should pay based on an income shares model, remain static.

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COVID-19 and Co-Parenting

Apps are a great tool for parents to communicate who are in high conflict regularly or simply prefer to organize via an app. It obviates the need for both face to face communication and even phone communication or texting. If the other parent is unable to respect boundaries around keeping conversations about the child and the child’s needs and schedule, this can help limit contact, too. https://talkingparents.com/…/marc…/covid-19-and-co-parenting

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Kids Testify

Question : Can my child testify during a divorce or custody case? Despite many rumors and myths to the contrary, in Kentucky, probably not. While there is a statute that allows a Court to interview a child in camera (in chambers) to elicit specific testimony, the interviews are rare in my experience and often unnecessary considering the other options a family court here has at its disposal.

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Holly Houston: Dynamic Louisville family lawyer is also a committed writer, activist

“Everybody told me I would argue about anything,” says A. Holland “Holly” Houston, Louisville attorney.

So Houston did, with a quick pit-stop in journalism.

Today she has a practice that has a strong focus on family law, even as she finds time to write, and promote areas of the law that she sees as being under-appreciated or understood by the mainstream.

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Does Timing Matter on Divorce?

Q: Should it matter when I file for divorce? What things should I be considering?

A: While love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage, divorce is more about not being the one left to clean up the manure. Important questions to ask

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‘Can I Still Charge My Boyfriend Rent Once We’re Married?’


Prenups are a great idea for parties contemplating marriage to carve out assets that a spouse can’t potentially divide at divorce and set parameters around spousal support for example, yet I am not sure that’s the answer i would have given. Paying another spouse’s debt during the marriage may not get you anywhere but angry when you divorce. Talk about the hard things first, whether you or moving in together or getting married. In case you don’t know what they are: money. kids.in-laws.

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5 Tips to Regulate in a Toxic Family Law Case

Attorney Holly Houston Maintaining Calm during a divorce

People cry in my office regularly. Custody and parenting cases — the fear of losing a child or control of a relationship — can turn even the most emotionally solid people into hot messes with low impulse control. As a Kentucky family lawyer for 21 years, I regularly witness people who lie, cheat and steal. I’ve seen images that can’t be unseen and watched parents and partners use email and text to “bomb” and gut punch each other under the guise of communicating about the kids.

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