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Determining Child Custody in Kentucky

Louisville family law attorney Holland Houston comments on the shift in way the court approaches determining child custody in Kentucky.

One party can now ask for joint custody.  The court is more inclined to begin from this position, rather than requiring an extended battle over the children.  This can significantly rebalance the situation in determining child custody in Kentucky.  In most cases, unless there’s a critical issue (such as mental illness), the court is moving more toward equal time.  If one party is going to be incarcerated, it may be considered another exception because custody simply isn’t practicable.

In this brief video, divorce lawyer Holly Houston discusses some of the primary issues involved.

While this is only one aspect of an overall divorce proceeding, many people consider it to be one of the most important, and definitely most emotional.  But it’s not always that easy.

If the court is to consider joint custody, there are still discussions regarding which school the child or children will attend.  This can be especially difficult if the parents live a considerable distance apart.  Even if both parents reside in Louisville, for instance, there are a number of both private and public schools to be considered.  Those options may also require additional considerations regarding tuition payment (in the case of a private school), transportation to and from extra-curricular activities, scheduling parenting time around those extra-curriculars and many other issues.

The topic of determining child custody in Kentucky is another topic in a series of video blogs, featuring family law attorney Holland Houston.  Over the next several months, we’ll publish weekly blogs focusing on a variety of family law and divorce issues.

If you are considering filing for divorce in Jefferson County or the surrounding counties, there are a number of considerations.  Holly Houston is available to discuss those considerations with you and to help you decide how best to proceed.  Contact her office at (502) 561-3454.