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Top Ten Reasons to Hire Me to Mediate

  1. 23 years in #FamilyLaw.
  2. Negotiated countless settlements for clients.
  3. Experience on every docket in family court and criminal and civil and federal experience.
  4. Well versed in 12 step recovery based programs for addiction and codependency and detachment to break cycle of addicted relationship patterns.
  5. Will not say “Your Judge will___________” in a conclusory manner to predict outcome of case to persuade your clients to act or not act.
  6. Gauge attorney and client expectations to manage process with emphasis on whether expectations are reasonable and how to achieve outcome that may settle differences for short and long term.
  7. Do not bill for prep time and can type documents during session.
  8. Am attuned to potentially sensitive nature of abuse, trauma, domestic violence, addiction, sex orientation and immigration issues which may complicate cases and settlement.
  9. Kept my parents married for almost 50 years without incident single-handedly after chastising them for “fiting” in writing in 1st grade.
  10. Vaccinated!