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Holly Houston Was Interviewed on CNN

Louisville family law attorney Holly Houston was interviewed on CNN’s Headline News by host Michaela Pereira.  They discussed how a bad marriage can actually cause you to have health problems.  Holly also comments on the change she’s seen in some client, once the divorce is done and some time has passed.

Watch Holly on CNN:

Ohio State University recently published a study detailing the connection between a bad marriage and illness.  The toxic situation and chronic stress impacts not only the married couple, but also the children in the household.

According to Holly, factors contributing to a decline include:

  • Elevated stress levels
  • Increased anxiety
  • Depression
  • Increased dependence on alcohol and/or other substances

As both a divorce attorney and a family law mediator, Holly Houston focuses on understanding the situation, but then working to resolve it efficiently.   Some divorce proceedings are highly emotionally charged.  This is especially true when one party either doesn’t want the divorce, or because of issues resulting in the divorce.

Based on her experience, Holly also works with her clients to help them prepare to move forward after the divorce has taken place.  When children are involved, the ex-spouses will still need to find a way to work together to provide for the children.  If the parents can agree to focus on the child or children, some of the decisions and the results of those decisions will provide a healthier environment for them.

Holly comments, during this interview, who clients can almost seem like different people when they are removed from a bad marriage and the toxic life at home.  When that happens, the individual is usually more emotionally strong and able to better perform as parent and at work.

People say time is the best healer.  This may be true, but time in an bad marriage often can and and does have an impact on the health of an individual in the first place.

If you’re in a toxic marriage and need to discuss your options, contact Holly Houston at (502) 561-3454.  It may be time for a discrete conversation about your future, as well as your emotion and physical health.