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Story Magazine: “I’ll Have What She’s Having”

Originally published in Story Magazine, Fall, 2012.

“As if custom designed to thrust women into the spotlight to see what we’re made of, the 2008 Great Recession sounded the death knell to whatever remained of stalwart gender roles around work and home and made many of us put our money literally where are families’ mouths are. What were classified previously as women’s or men’s issues in the last century morphed into human issues in the 21st century as women slowly and steadily become (sometimes sole) breadwinners, bosses and business owners. The Revolution, it turns out, might not be televised, but it’s unmistakably resourceful and has a Y chromosome.

Some of us got to the game early by taking over the family business out of necessity or by seeing a clear path to blaze and acting on it. Others were always driven to be at the top and then beyond that, or had a seemingly impossible vision before technology paved its way. If ever there were a belief that women here aren’t essential to the economy or that they aren’t at least as strong and as smooth as a fine shot of bourbon, these two women crush the belief under the spike of their heels. Kentucky women: We get to know you…”

Download and read the full article as a pdf here: “What she’s having…”